eating healthy starts today...

Just getting a head start on my new years resolution...
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Pomplamoose performs "Deck the Halls"

So I saw this commercial the other day, and I was dying to know the name of the clever band performing in it. Yesterday I finally had tome to catch up with some blogs and the flowerchild dwelling did a post about them! I strongly recommend looking at all of their other covers on their music page. Pomplamoose is  so creative and fun.... can you believe, 2 more days til' Christmas? Where did December go?


Coldplay - Christmas Lights

Coldplay, you are perfection.


What I want to Christmas....

Any suggestions for what color I should get?


grandmas discover photo booth

So my friend Kiera posted this on her blog... I thought it was funny so I wanted to pass it along!


Has it really been a year?

Today, I realized I have been home from my mission a whole year... which seems completely crazy to me. I swear time goes by faster and faster the older I get. Anyways, today I also realized how much I miss Maryland. I am so grateful for all of the people I met and for the growing experiences I had on my mission. As crazy as it seems, sometimes I wish I could go back.


Halloween 2010



Have I ever mentioned that Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays? There is something so fun about this time of year. I love the fall smell, the fall colors, the fall weather... can't think of one thing bad about it. My sister and brother in law throw an awesome party at their house each year and since the last 2 years I was on my mission, I was way stoked to go! Now for the costumes...
Thanks for a great time Elysha and Russell!


Halloween Crafts

This is one of my favorite Halloween crafts from Martha Stewart. I didn't make them this year because of lack of time, but they are so fun and pretty! Since the past two years I have been a missionary for Halloween, I decided to post these pics from when I was in college. Flashback!


VHS Marker Drawings

Remember the days when we used VHS? I love these marker drawings by hollis brown thornton.


Salt Lake Temple Wedding

This weekend my college roommate Lindsey married Mike. She was smiling every second.

Congratulations Lindsey! You looked gorgeous!



So I have a lot of pics to catch up on... for awhile I have been meaning to make a hug post about my San Francisco Bucket list, but I am thinking that it would be better for me to split them up.  
Bucket List Item #1:

I went on the first Tuesday of August which meant it was free! My style. This place is one of my fave museums by far... not only because of the amazing art but the MOMA Store has everything I want but nothing I need. It is to die for.


Official Strawberry Swing video

This video is amazing because:

1. I love Coldplay

2. The stop motion effects are insanely cool


Do you mind if I gush for a minute? Lonnymag.com is one of the most beautiful online interior magazines I have seen! I love the ease of being able to click on items you are interested and you can find it in seconds.... so genius! I love how fresh their graphic design is...



She & Him

Went to see She & Him last week as part of Salt Lake's twilight concert series,  and it was a blast! The best part of it all... it cost zero dollars :)


WICKED is wicked awesome!

Wow... Wicked definetly lived up to all of the hype. My friend Christina and I were able to score $25 tickets from the ticket lottery a couple of hours before the show! And boy am I glad that I did... the cast had the most amazing voices I have ever heard. It left me amazed/jealous that people are born with such talent. If you haven't seen it, you should!


Handmade Gift Tags

Spotted via Eat Drink Chic, check out these vintage handmade gift tags from A Wilderness For You and Me
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