Happy Belated Father's Day

Some things I love about my Dad are:
-How you prefer to be addressed as "Marcus Aurelius."
-How you take a trip to Costco just to eat samples
-How one Halloween you loved dressing as Spock so much you slept with your costume ears on.
-How you can remember the exact date and time of the Battle of the Bulge, but can't remember the name of my friend you met 10 times.
-How you can strike up a conversation with anyone about any topic, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them
-How you wear socks with sandals
-How you would rather be traveling than home.
-How you spend every Saturday afternoon at the movie theaters
-How you are always interested in all of your kids lives and love to hang out with them
-How you call me "your special Morg."


Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  • You know how dreams can feel soooo real sometimes? Well I dreamed last night that I was 4 months prego! I woke up this morning and felt my stomach a million time just to make sure if it was real. 
  • I was debating wether to post this, because it's pretty embarassing, but it was awkward in every sense of the word, so I had to.  I was in my robe, sitting in our chair on the computer,  when I decided i wanted to play my guitar. Well, as I leaned back to grab it, the chair flung back, along with my naked body which then slammed up against the window. Good thing no one was around because otherwise I would have given them quite the show.
  • My "alfalfa" hair moment  this weekend

  • Finally got some of our wedding photos back! I will post more soon.

  • A husband who wants to watch another episode of the bachelorette more than I do.
  • This recipe...

  • This 1960's van


    This will make your day...

    This week I should be getting back our pictures from the wedding! wohoo! Here is a sneak peak...I stole this hilarious picture of my grandma from the blog of our wedding photographer.  Isn't it awesome? It just makes me want to give her a big smooch!


    Awkward & Awesome Thursday (a day late)

    • I went to Aldi for the first time (for those who don't know, it's a crazy cheap grocery store) and was so excited about the prices I stocked my cart full! Well, I got to the check out line and found out via the grumpiest checkout lady in the world that they don't take credit, and that was all I had with me. The lady was so mean about it, I left my filled-to-the-brim cart right by her register and quietly sneaked out. I hope she had to put it all back.  Muah ha ha.
    • Went to eat my mexican food leftovers and discovered I put my box straight in the freezer! I don't know if my brain even works sometimes!
    • How come all of the crazy people on the Bachlorette are from Salt Lake?
    • You know you need to do laundry when you lounge around in your husbands clothes for 3 days.
    • Finally shaved my legs after 3.5 weeks. Sam will be proud.
    • Cut my own bangs with craft scissors at home... let's just say they are shorter than what I had planned, but hair grows right?


    • Having a husband that will watch Anastasia with me, and not get annoyed by my singing along.
    • Finally organized all of my blogs in google reader! Yay!
    • Getting my hands on some new awesome actions. Thanks Tara!
    • My plants finally grew a strawberry!
    • Starting my very own collection of recipes. Any suggestions?
    • Went on a fun date with the husband. We had some food at a haunted bar ( for reals, they even had a 1920's picture of the ghost hung on the wall!), then played " If we had a house, what would you buy?" at the nearest home improvement store. Such is the life of a newlywed.


    Some Yummy Weekend Recipes

    I tried out a couple of new recipes this weekend, and they were hits with the husband, so I thought that I should pass them along :)

     At first I was intimidated by the idea of making pizza crust, but it really wasn't too hard! And don't get nervous like I did if the dough doesn't rise in 2 seconds... it takes a full hour to double it's size, so be patient! Also, I used regular onions and it was still crazy yummy. Check out the recipe here.

    What do you do with those gross over-ripe bananas? Make bread of course! I recently tried a different Banana bread recipe, and it was sooo dry! Yuck. Once upon a time I heard that adding sour cream to sugar cookies makes them more moist, so it must work with bread right? Well, it did. Sam and I couldn't keep our hands off this bread. Try out the recipe here.


    Wedding Video Preview!!!

    I am so crazy excited to share this video... this is the same day edit our videographer Nathan Pickett made in just a couple of hours on our wedding day! He really is so talented, and I can't wait for our full video which will be done later this summer! For now, here is a little preview...

    Morgan + Sam Preview from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.


    Awkward & Awesome Thursday

    Lately i have been thinking that I need to try harder with this little bloggy blog. I have been posting more often than I ever have in my whole life, but realized this week that I need to start getting more personal. It is kind of scary for me, but when thinking about all of my favorite blogs, I realized I read them because they are specific and personal about their own lives. So, to start things I off, I want to start doing Awkward & Awesome Thursdays inspired by one of my favorite blogs The Daybook. So here we go...
    -Making cookie dough for breakfast, despite our new goals to eat better. Whoops! But I guess if you are going to have treats, it's better to have them in the morning so we can burn them off, right? 
    -Shopping next to the grandmas at the thrift store, in the same section.
    -Dyed my hair this week, but I couldn't find a junky shirt to wear, so I decided not to wear one and to just drape a towel over my shoulders. I started coloring my hair, then right in the middle of it my brother in law rings the doorbell because he is locked out of his apartment... so what did I do? Hid behind the door half naked, opened the door, and reached my hand around to give him his keys. I am sure he thought I was being a weirdo. Ha.
    - Found Joe's jeans at the thrift store for $5! Usually at Nordstrom's those bad boys will sell for upwards of $125. Sweet deal.
    -All of the wives out here in Milwaukee got together and spent the day at the beach with the little kiddos. It was the perfect activity for Memorial Day.
    -Finding out the library here has an awesome movie section... And they are free to rent! I got " What about Bob,"  because Sam has never seen it before... which I still find hard to believe.
    -Pinterest. I love you.
    - Finally finished designing this blog. wahoo!  
    - Finding a cute love note from my husband on the computer keyboard, where he knows I would find it :)

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