Moving to Milwaukee!

Ok, I have sooooo much to catch up on! Between getting married, going on our honeymoon to Cancun, and packing up our stuff to move to Milwaukee, let's just say life the last couple of weeks has been insanely crazy. I promise I will catch up once I have some downtown, but tomorrow morning Sam and I embark on a pretty long journey.... 22 hours and 27 minutes to be exact. Just hope we can entertain ourselves for the whole time! This might be the longest road trip I have ever been on. We are moving for the summer so we can make some moneys... wish us luck! I will post pics from the wedding, and honeymoon, and road trip soon. Promise!


Sneak Peak...

I almost forgot to share some of our pictures from our bridal session with Jessica Kettle. I am so happy with how they turned out! Can't wait for the wedding day pics!


I can't even believe how quickly my wedding came up. I am soooo excited for tomorrow!
Picture by Robert Boyd


Last Minute Wedding Details

Sorry for not writing more! These past couple of weeks have been crazy for me... well, I would even extend it to these last 4 months! I didn't have any idea how much was involved with wedding planning. It is all about the details, and there are a million of them! At the beginning I was really particular about how I wanted things to look, but now I am getting to the point of letting go and often find myself saying "that will work." So far I have been happy with how my projects have turned out, and I think in the end it will all come together well. Last week I found myself getting super stressed (again) about the reception, and then I realized that I hadn't been focusing  on the most important thing... the fact that I am getting married in the temple to the most amazing man I know! As long as that happens, I am golden. Anyways, here is a sneak peek of some recent wedding stuff... can't believe I will be Mrs. Rapp in 2 days!
getting our marriage license!


The weekend...

This weekend has to be my favorite of the year because of Conference! I am so excited to listen to the Prophet and 12 Apostles this weekend. One of my goals this time is to take notes, REALLY pay attention, and do my best to apply the things I learn into my life. Here are some sketches that my co-worker's wife Roxy drew from last year's Conference... aren't they cool?
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