grandmas discover photo booth

So my friend Kiera posted this on her blog... I thought it was funny so I wanted to pass it along!


Has it really been a year?

Today, I realized I have been home from my mission a whole year... which seems completely crazy to me. I swear time goes by faster and faster the older I get. Anyways, today I also realized how much I miss Maryland. I am so grateful for all of the people I met and for the growing experiences I had on my mission. As crazy as it seems, sometimes I wish I could go back.


Halloween 2010



Have I ever mentioned that Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays? There is something so fun about this time of year. I love the fall smell, the fall colors, the fall weather... can't think of one thing bad about it. My sister and brother in law throw an awesome party at their house each year and since the last 2 years I was on my mission, I was way stoked to go! Now for the costumes...
Thanks for a great time Elysha and Russell!
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