Last Minute Wedding Details

Sorry for not writing more! These past couple of weeks have been crazy for me... well, I would even extend it to these last 4 months! I didn't have any idea how much was involved with wedding planning. It is all about the details, and there are a million of them! At the beginning I was really particular about how I wanted things to look, but now I am getting to the point of letting go and often find myself saying "that will work." So far I have been happy with how my projects have turned out, and I think in the end it will all come together well. Last week I found myself getting super stressed (again) about the reception, and then I realized that I hadn't been focusing  on the most important thing... the fact that I am getting married in the temple to the most amazing man I know! As long as that happens, I am golden. Anyways, here is a sneak peek of some recent wedding stuff... can't believe I will be Mrs. Rapp in 2 days!
getting our marriage license!

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Dasha said...

Ha. I can totally relate. Wedding planning is crazy and oddly stressful. But I'm sure your wedding will be gorgeous cause you have great taste. Oh and sorry I couldn't make it to your shower on Saturday. I was planning on it all week but then we ended up having to help my in-laws out with some stuff.
Hope everything goes well on your big day!

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