She & Him

Went to see She & Him last week as part of Salt Lake's twilight concert series,  and it was a blast! The best part of it all... it cost zero dollars :)


WICKED is wicked awesome!

Wow... Wicked definetly lived up to all of the hype. My friend Christina and I were able to score $25 tickets from the ticket lottery a couple of hours before the show! And boy am I glad that I did... the cast had the most amazing voices I have ever heard. It left me amazed/jealous that people are born with such talent. If you haven't seen it, you should!


Handmade Gift Tags

Spotted via Eat Drink Chic, check out these vintage handmade gift tags from A Wilderness For You and Me


If I had an office, I would hang this on my wall...


Fall Fashion

I always look forward to Banana Republic's fall fashion, and this year is no exception! They have alot of cute clothes I can't afford, but here are some outfits I am hoping to recreate on my own.

Wolf Creek Weekend

Wow... just realized I kind of have blogging a.d.d... sometimes I feel like blogging 3 times a day and other times weeks go by and I don't blog anything! One more thing to work on... it might be because I was busy  taking a little trip back home to Utah this weekend. It would have been my Great-Grandma's 100th birthday this year so we had a great get together at the Wolf Creek Resort in Eden, Utah. It was a great weekend filled with card games, laying out by the pool, catching up with family, and enjoying all of the super amazing food ( one of my favorite things about family get togethers!) Overall, it was one of my favorite weekends of the summer. If you have never been to Wolf Creek, I would highly recommend it! More pictures to come!


Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday! Thanks for being beautiful and amazing!

Recent purchases....

So, I have been on the hunt for some new fall shoes, but have found MOST things to be out of my price range! Don't you hate that! Here are some of my most recent finds....

Everything at Payless is buy one, get one half off! 
I love these because they almost look like Tom's, but only cost $14.99!

Scored these for $7

At $48 from UO, these were more than what I usually like to spend, but so worth it.

Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

Pretty sure this gave me a good cry this morning... what an amazing story.


If I could go anywhere right now, it would probably be here....


{Napa part Two}

Some pictures of our stroll around Napa...


{Napa part one}

What a day... between trying to not let the SF foggy weather make me depressed, battling the hiccups throughout the day, and overdosing on starbursts... it hasn't been too bad. Just wanted to post some pictures from my recent 2-day trip up to Napa. I stayed with my amazing friend Katie who was kind enough to show me around....

Ferry ride survival kit
A must read
Isn't Katie's place adorable?

 Time for breakfast...

 ABC Bakery

This really did taste as good as it looks!


 What a great choice for breakfast Katie!

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