I am in vegas for work for 2 days! Just when i almost forgot how crazy/fun this town can be, it reminds me. Wish there was more time for play, but the change in weather is rather nice.


ski day

Last week Sam and I decided to venture up to Brighton for our first ski/snowboard day of the season ( can you guess who skis and who snowboards?)  We went on the same that mother nature decided to dump on us! I have never seen so much powder. At first, it was a great thing! Then a good thing, then a getting buried to my knees and losing my skis and getting owned on the mountain thing. Despite my soreness the next day, I still had a great time. If I have the money I am hoping to go again before the end of the season... cross my fingers!


Festival of Trees

Ok, so I know that I am behind, but I had forgotten about these pictures from the festival of trees! This year I had the pleasure of designing a tree along with my friend Heather for the company I work for. Although it was a lot more work than I thought, I was happy to be a part of the festival and to see it all come together. The art was donated by the amazing artist Liz Lemon Swindle. The festival was so crazy busy it was hard to even get a good shot of it!

This is the cutest car I have ever seen! I wanted it!
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