How we almost missed Adele...

Hello little blog of mine. So, in my last  post I asked a question to my readers, which was if they had any free fonts they loved... and the response? Nothing. It's ok, I fully realize that maybe 5 people actually read this blog, and probably 4 out of 5 of those readers are members of my family, so no feelings hurt. I have no idea how people build up their personal blog to have a bajillion readers! I think that they probably post a heck of a lot more than I do... and have giveaways, and take pictures of themselves in cute little outfits... which is something I don't really do either. So meanwhile I will just keep blogging for myself and my own record keeping, which is good enough for me. Anyways... funny story for you. So, my oldest sister Elysha bought concert tickets to Adele way back in May, but her concert got cancelled due to Adele being sick. It was rescheduled for this August and my sister was going to be out of town and couldn't go, so she offered us the tickets. Sam and I were MAJORLY tempted, but we have been trying to save up for a new computer so we reluctantly said no.... well, a few days ago I was playing around on my husband's phone, and noticed a texting conversation he had with my sister... and me being curious clicked on it to see what it was about, and found out Sam was going to surprise me with the tickets! I didn't want to ruin the surprise, so I decided I was going to let Sam "surprise" me anyways. The concert was on Sunday and all week I had been secretly excited to go... then Sunday came around and Sam and I got so busy with the day put the concert in the back of my mind. Around 6 while Sam was playing video games with my brother and I hopped on the computer, I suddenly remembered that the concert was suppose to start in an hour, and Sam hadn't said a thing! So I was in a predicament. Do I tell my husband I know about the concert and ruin the surprise? At that point I was convinced he had forgotten about the whole thing, so I went and told him about my sneaky ways.. and he said, " The concert's tonight? I thought that it was in a couple of weeks!" So we rushed downtown to the SOLD OUT concert at the Gallivan Center just in time to hear Adele rock it out. She was amaaaazing. I love her. And did you know she is only 23? She seems so much older! She is pretty funny too. And we almost missed the whole thing! Good thing me being a curious cat payed off.... this time. Ha. Here are some shots from the night.

and a little video of one of my favorite songs.


My Favorite Fonts

Lately I have been feeling that this subject deserved a blog post... I am always looking on blogs for new free fonts to download, so I thought I might pass along my favorites! Do you have any free fonts you love? (p.s. I thought I would try out my wacom tablet and make the header in my own handwriting. What do you think?)



Pin, Pin, Pin

Anyone as addicted to Pinterest as I am? Come on, I know you are out there. Admit it! Pinterest is amazing, and if you have yet to discover the fun of "pinning," let me know and I will send you an invite. Here are some of my favorite recent pins.

What a cute idea! I want to make this.

Marquee Style Letters DIY

Love the packaging style of this cheese!

Some awesome free fonts!

Glitter tape tutorial

 I basically do my hair like this everyday lately.

Love this painting.


The July Wrap-up

 What? It's August already? Sorry I have been MIA lately... I finally found a job! I am actually working at my last job, but this time in the graphic design department. Yay! I am really liking it, and can I say that I have never liked my job? SO this is a big deal for me. Lately I have been busy with work, along with all of those extra things that seem to take up my day. But I will try to blog more often now that I have gotten back into the routine of life. Anyways, here are some fun things that happened in July!

>>>>>>>>>>Moved back to SLC<<<<<<<<<<
Sam was a sleepy head at the airport.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>4th of July<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A fun night with the Rapps

>>>>>>>>>>>Snow Cone Runs<<<<<<<<<<<<
Can't you tell Sam loves it when I take random photos?

>>>>>>>>>>>>I turned 25!<<<<<<<<<<<<
 No, that is not our baby. And yes, she is that cute!
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