Guess what today is?

Guess what today is? My birthday! Is it lamo to blog on your birthday? I mean, usually most people are too busy on their birthdays to blog, but due to my current unemployment situation, I have had a lovely relaxing morning.  Today I am officially 25, a quarter of a century old. This age feels good... I wouldn't mind staying 25 for a while. And my birthday wish this year? A job! And if I am being picky, please send a job my way that I might actually like.  Meanwhile, I am happy to announce that I am working on a blog template store! I have had some requests for blog designs, but I realize not everyone has a budget for a custom design, so I am designing templates where you can change the pictures and the words, and tada! Your own cute, custom blog. More details soon!
photo take via laphotocabine.com


Who You Are

Whoa. Has anyone else noticed their blogger dashboard go through a big transformation? It might take a little getting use to, but I am liking it. Sorry i have been MIA the last 2 weeks. Sam and I decided to move back to Salt Lake from Milwaukee! And now we are on the job/apartment hunt. Not my favorite, but such is the reality of life. Anyways, I need to do some catch up posts for sure. Meanwhile, I was looking through my blogroll and found this video via the flower child dwelling and thought that this girl sounded amazing. Also, I loved how the whole thing was filmed in the Subway.  Last year I tried something like this with my guitar, but I am pretty sure it wasn't half as cool as this.

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