The Proposal

Wow. It really has taken me forever to get around to posting about the night we got engaged! It happened Saturday,January 29th... over 2 weeks ago. Man, time flies. Anyways, Sam and I were just out and about most of Saturday running errands, when about 7:30 p.m. he starts talking about how hungry he is and how his brother told him about this really great buffett downtown. I wasn’t really all that hungry to I tried to convince him that we should just go get some burritos and go home... but he seemed pretty insistant that we go to the buffet... Meanwhile I started to get bugged because I was thinking “ He really doesn’t care about what I want to do right now!” But I decided to just dothings “his way” and go. Well, we end up walking by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and Sam says “ I haven’t been in here  before, is that ok if we go in?” Well, Sam seemed to really know his way around and pretty soon we ended up at the top of the building at The Roof. “Reservations for two.” I was like “reservations?” Our table was right in front of a big bay window showcasing the temple.
 The hostess showed us our table, and there were a dozen roses waiting for me. I looked at Sam and he a had a huge smile on his face, meanwhile I felt bad for getting mad at him for making me come all the way downtown to go to a "buffet!" Anyways, long story short, we had a nice meal with a great view. Did you know the roof offers 25 desserts? Their rolls are to die for, as well as their cordon bleu. I had a feeling something was going to happen that night, but then I wasn't sure if he was throwing me off. We finished eating and while walking by some big bay windows right outside of the restaurant, Sam said " hmmm.... what's that?" I looked down and saw this:
 Then I turned around and Sam was on his knee with this:

I said " Of course!" and after a little crying, hugging and kissing we went down to meet our families and took a carriage ride around the temple. It was a memorable night for sure. I know it's cliche, but I feel so lucky to have found my best friend.


Erin said...

How fun! What a great story!! Congrats to both of you!

Marie said...

what a super cute and romantic way to propose!

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