Holy cow... lately I have literally been a crazy person. People tell you when you get engaged, pretty soon we will be hoping that we just eloped, and I would always courteously laugh and say "sure", but now I understand what people were talking about! Wedding planning really is stressful stuff... mostly because this last month my family was in South America and I was trying to get things in order while working three jobs. It has been total craziness. For the last few months I have done SOMETHING wedding related every day! I am not trying to complain, but it's just that this last week has proved especially stressful getting invites out, finishing my dress fittings, taking bridals, ect. ect. However, today I am in a much better place and think that I most of it figured out at this point... Thanks to cute Sam, I am feeling much better and am now just getting more and more excited for the big day. It really has come up faster than I thought it would! Just wanted to post some photos from all the recent fun/craziness. I just downloaded the lo-fi camera app. I am in love with it in case you can't tell!

Registering adventures

Finding glass-bottled sodas for the reception
Fun at the D.I.
Making cake stands

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