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Whoa. Has anyone else noticed their blogger dashboard go through a big transformation? It might take a little getting use to, but I am liking it. Sorry i have been MIA the last 2 weeks. Sam and I decided to move back to Salt Lake from Milwaukee! And now we are on the job/apartment hunt. Not my favorite, but such is the reality of life. Anyways, I need to do some catch up posts for sure. Meanwhile, I was looking through my blogroll and found this video via the flower child dwelling and thought that this girl sounded amazing. Also, I loved how the whole thing was filmed in the Subway.  Last year I tried something like this with my guitar, but I am pretty sure it wasn't half as cool as this.

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miffy said...

i love your blog, new layout, and you. i'm glad you'll be back in Salt Lake. good luck apartment hunting!

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