The July Wrap-up

 What? It's August already? Sorry I have been MIA lately... I finally found a job! I am actually working at my last job, but this time in the graphic design department. Yay! I am really liking it, and can I say that I have never liked my job? SO this is a big deal for me. Lately I have been busy with work, along with all of those extra things that seem to take up my day. But I will try to blog more often now that I have gotten back into the routine of life. Anyways, here are some fun things that happened in July!

>>>>>>>>>>Moved back to SLC<<<<<<<<<<
Sam was a sleepy head at the airport.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>4th of July<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A fun night with the Rapps

>>>>>>>>>>>Snow Cone Runs<<<<<<<<<<<<
Can't you tell Sam loves it when I take random photos?

>>>>>>>>>>>>I turned 25!<<<<<<<<<<<<
 No, that is not our baby. And yes, she is that cute!

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