Chicago Part One

Oh, why hello blog! Let's just pretend that Sam and I went to Chicago last week instead of 4 months ago so I can feel like I actually keep up with this thing shall we? While Sam and I lived in Milwaukee we made the hour drive to Chicago, which is an amazingly fun city to walk around in... expensive... but fun! We enjoyed the food, shopping, industrial architecture, and of course, taking the classic jumping pictures. I even posted one of my awkward ones that was a result of a billion other pictures we took before I got the perfect shot so I could pretend that it only took one effortless jump. Well, I am not ashamed to say that it took me a good ten pics before I stumbled upon the last shot, then my husband got the perfect shot on his first try. Those husbands... always showing us up at things. But we really did fall in love Chicago. I can't say that there is any other city out there like it! The whole place just oozes the roaring 1920's. I wish i could have seen it back then! But I doubt that it has changed much... more pics to come.

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Brooke and Josh said...

Love the jumping pictures! I agree... Chicago is the coolest city ever! I miss hanging out with you. Why do we have to live so far away from each other!

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