Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  • You know how dreams can feel soooo real sometimes? Well I dreamed last night that I was 4 months prego! I woke up this morning and felt my stomach a million time just to make sure if it was real. 
  • I was debating wether to post this, because it's pretty embarassing, but it was awkward in every sense of the word, so I had to.  I was in my robe, sitting in our chair on the computer,  when I decided i wanted to play my guitar. Well, as I leaned back to grab it, the chair flung back, along with my naked body which then slammed up against the window. Good thing no one was around because otherwise I would have given them quite the show.
  • My "alfalfa" hair moment  this weekend

  • Finally got some of our wedding photos back! I will post more soon.

  • A husband who wants to watch another episode of the bachelorette more than I do.
  • This recipe...

  • This 1960's van

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