Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Lately i have been thinking that I need to try harder with this little bloggy blog. I have been posting more often than I ever have in my whole life, but realized this week that I need to start getting more personal. It is kind of scary for me, but when thinking about all of my favorite blogs, I realized I read them because they are specific and personal about their own lives. So, to start things I off, I want to start doing Awkward & Awesome Thursdays inspired by one of my favorite blogs The Daybook. So here we go...
-Making cookie dough for breakfast, despite our new goals to eat better. Whoops! But I guess if you are going to have treats, it's better to have them in the morning so we can burn them off, right? 
-Shopping next to the grandmas at the thrift store, in the same section.
-Dyed my hair this week, but I couldn't find a junky shirt to wear, so I decided not to wear one and to just drape a towel over my shoulders. I started coloring my hair, then right in the middle of it my brother in law rings the doorbell because he is locked out of his apartment... so what did I do? Hid behind the door half naked, opened the door, and reached my hand around to give him his keys. I am sure he thought I was being a weirdo. Ha.
- Found Joe's jeans at the thrift store for $5! Usually at Nordstrom's those bad boys will sell for upwards of $125. Sweet deal.
-All of the wives out here in Milwaukee got together and spent the day at the beach with the little kiddos. It was the perfect activity for Memorial Day.
-Finding out the library here has an awesome movie section... And they are free to rent! I got " What about Bob,"  because Sam has never seen it before... which I still find hard to believe.
-Pinterest. I love you.
- Finally finished designing this blog. wahoo!  
- Finding a cute love note from my husband on the computer keyboard, where he knows I would find it :)

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amanda said...

Hi Morgan! I love your cute blog. I checked out Pinterest per your link. Where has it been all my life?! I have been thinking there should be something like that and there it is! I had to put myself on the waiting list. Too bad you can't just sign right up. Anyway, keep blogging!

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